A plea, a prose

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Jenny Morgan’s Portraits.

Jenny Morgan’s portraits are stately hypotheticals into the personality of the individual represented.  Morgan chooses friends she is not well acquainted with to increase the mysteriousness of the work, but also she sands away slightly at the canvas which puts forth a sense of “digging away” at knowing something.  Perhaps like an archaeologist might slowly dust away layers of dirt to discover a long lost treasure.  See more of Jenny’s work below:

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i feel jealousy over those who are not mine to keep

oh I feel off today. beautiful night last night, though. one of the best gigs of my life so far, we packed out the Clarkson, beat Born Ruffians record for how many people can fit in there, and played through an electrical storm.

some of our musical inspirations showed up to watch and gave us words to remember and beautiful compliments afterwards.

yet i still have weight in my chest. i still feel it deeper than most.

you don’t get it, do you? he replied, back turned,
to grow old with her was my only real dream, to see her eyes twinkle at our baby girl.

~ (Daydreame) dated in journal as 2013 ~

heavy on me all night (cutting lo, she’s skin tight)


Some more Lomography photos.